There's been 68 total UFO sightings in New York so far this year and several of them are just downright weird.

First off, some of the reported unidentified aerial phenomena (or UAPs) can be easily explained. For example, people from Rochester and Lima filed reports with The National UFO Reporting Center on March 1, claiming they saw two bright, stationary lights in the night sky.

NUFORC investigated and ruled the people were actually fooled by Jupiter and Venus, which had been brighter than usual that night.

However, there were several creepy reports that couldn't be brushed off with a logical explanation.

And coming off the heels of former intelligence community official David Grusch testifying under oath to House lawmakers that - yes - aliens do exist, it brings to question if we really are alone in the universe.

House Hearing Examines The National Security Implications Of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena
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Logically speaking, that's statistically impossible. If space is infinite, that means an infinite amount of solar systems exist - meaning there are others out there who have also beaten the odds in creating a planet that sustains life, just like earth.

The real question is, how many solar systems host intelligent life? Another question is, are humans the most intelligent species in the entire universe?

Based off New York's recent UFO/UAP sightings, we might have our answer.


A lot of crazy things happened in New York State this year - like the story of a NY man that's apparently toxic to ticks. Seriously, they die when they bite him!

And while there's been plenty of odd things happening at ground level, the night sky has been abuzz with bizarre encounters in 2023.

Mir Space Station Retrospective
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January 1 - Wantagh, NY

Starting the year off with a bang! A person reported at 6:40 at night that they were sitting in their car and saw a blinking, stationary light. "It almost looked like a drone but it was definitely not a drone. I ran inside grabbed my girlfriend and it moved and vanished."

January 25 - Sloan, NY

According to the report, a person claimed they saw multicolored objects with a haze around them that hovered in the sky all night long. Things got even weirder when they took a closer look...

We thought they were stars but we noticed they move and change size shape and color and look like they are hovering lower to the ground. When you zoom in they spark, change shape and color.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

February 1 - Red Hook, NY

A resident reported seeing a "metallic sphere" that vanished in an instant. The witness gave explicit detail of the object, saying, "There seemed to be no bottom half... I could only see the top which looked like a bubble with possibly a window."

The object was completely stationary and did not move.

The resident said it remained visible for 5 seconds and, "without moving it disappeared completely, taken over by the blue sky as if it was never there."

February 6 - Poughkeepsie, NY

This report came from a concerned resident who also saw an object that had "an aura or haze" around it, similar to the sighting in Sloan. The object was moving over the moon and grew smaller as it reached the top.

There was nothing above the moon, no clouds, no aircraft, after it disappeared. No lights, just a black mass.


February 13 - Beacon, NY

This report says it all:

I don't know what that was but I'm scared.

The witness, as well as their brother-in-law and friend claimed they saw lights spinning in the sky around 8 p.m. ET. The person described the object being "a triangle with a circle of lights under it" that "took off so fast" into the night sky.

The reporter was sure to add everyone at the time was sober and were left with a bad feeling.

February 14 - Saugerties and Gardiner, NY

Two reports came in on Valentine's Day 2023 that happened roughly 30 miles apart.

The first report came from a person driving through Saugerties with their 11-year-old son around 5:40 p.m. ET. They reportedly saw an object that fell from the sky, leaving "a perfectly straight column of white smoke or vapor." The witness, identified as a 61-year-old psychotherapist, added the object wasn't "falling quickly, or in an arc, like a meteorite." After losing sight of it, the object vanished.

We did see the empty sky where it should've been. A bright star or planet appeared there.

A second report came in about an hour later from Gardiner, but the witness and their husband observed something very different.

The two claimed they saw "a string of evenly spaced lights, like Japanese lanterns, traveling in a stream across the northern sky, west to east." The witness said the objects looked like they were being "pulled along by a string" before they faded and disappeared.

February 24 - North Salem, NY

This report came from someone who was using binoculars around 8 at night. They saw "bright white rings of light moving erratically in the sky over the mountains."

The person added they saw rings of orange light, as well as rays of white, orange and red lights "shooting up" from the object.

Photo via UFO Stalker Video
Photo via UFO Stalker Video

March 26 - Norwich, NY

The incident happened around 7:45 p.m. ET, according to this report. A resident claimed they saw a "fast moving non blinking light through the trees to the west that was changing direction quickly." The object made "right angle turns and at one point was going in a circle."

In all, the event lasted three minutes.

It should be noted two reports from Buffalo, NY, also came in that night about there being spikes in magnetometers, which are tools used to measure magnetic forces.

April 18 - Cairo, NY

A person reported seeing a stationary diamond-shaped craft around 9:10 at night. They claimed the airborne object had a "starburst-twinkle like pattern" of red, white and blue colors. They say it hovered in the sky for five to 8 minutes before it "just disappeared."

Keystone/Getty Images
Keystone/Getty Images

May 6 - West Seneca, Hamburg & Centerport, NY

These sightings happened over 415 miles apart!  The Upstate NY locations of West Seneca and Hamburg are 14 miles apart, and the two reports documented 4 orb-like objects traveling in a straight line that were spaced evenly apart and traveling the same speed.

While some people might think these observers saw Starlink, these objects apparently didn't act the same as the infamous satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX.

Both reports claimed the light at the top of the formation would disappear and a new light would appear at the bottom the line. They both added the sightings lasted for about a minute.

That same event happened 400 miles away in Centerport, but the witnesses there only saw two orbs soundlessly floating in the sky.

One disappeared, then the other was gone.

May 11 - Coxsackie, NY

A person reported seeing a stationary, bright light in the sky at around 10:37 at night. They grabbed binoculars and reported they could make out details of a circle-like craft. The top and bottom reportedly had brighter lights while the middle of the craft was wrapped in smaller lights.

After about 15 minutes, it "took off towards Greenville, NY heading west," but not before the witnessed captured it on camera.

Alleged UAP/UFO sighting in Coxsackie, NY, on May 11, 2023. Courtesy of NUFORC.
Alleged UAP/UFO sighting in Coxsackie, NY, on May 11, 2023. Courtesy of NUFORC.

May 12 - Buffalo, NY

A resident reported seeing a similar round and bright object like the Coxsackie sighting from the previous night. This one, however, was a fast-traveling object and bright red.

The resident, who was with their fiancé, claimed the craft stayed in the sky for about a minute before disappeared "out of nowhere." They captured this photo before the object vanished.

Alleged UFO/UAP sighting in Buffalo, NY, on May 12, 2023. Courtesy of NUFORC
Alleged UFO/UAP sighting in Buffalo, NY, on May 12, 2023. Courtesy of NUFORC

May 22 - Buffalo, NY

This report claimed two ship or plane-like objects were seen traveling at "unbelievable speeds" at 9:59 at night. The event lasted about 15 seconds before the crafts "disappeared in an instant" after the witness snapped this photo.

Alleged UFO/UAP sighting in Buffalo, NY, on May 22, 2023. Courtesy of NUFORC.
Alleged UFO/UAP sighting in Buffalo, NY, on May 22, 2023. Courtesy of NUFORC.

May 27 - Washingtonville and Callicoon, NY

Two sightings of a fast-moving object happened roughly 70 miles apart at around 9:30 at night.

A Washingtonville resident claimed they saw an object around 9:20 at night, which had an aura or haze around it, and was traveling five-times the speed of a jet aircraft. They said the craft was cylindrical in shape and had no tail or flashing lights.

They also said they witnessed a different aircraft "chasing the object."

25 minutes later, in Callicoon, a resident claimed they and their three friends saw a similar object as they chilled in a hot tub. They first thought the object was a fireball, but it "never dimmed... Its brightness remained consistent during its entire trip over us."

The reporter added the object was "much faster and brighter" than any satellite or ISS fly-over they've ever seen, leading them to believe they either saw a UFO or "a military craft with technology far more advanced than any jet-fighter I've ever seen."

Unidentified Flying Object UFO
Getty Images/iStockphoto

June 6 - Williamson, NY

A person reported seeing a flying object that changed its shape and "moved like a jellyfish" around 10:30 at night. "Object began changing direction quickly, went very fast and stopped on a dime. Could observe lights that did not seem to be blinking but could see red, blue."

The person added they're a stargazer and "never seen anything like this before." So, they snapped this photo, hoping to get an explanation.

Alleged UFO/UAP sighting in Williamson, NY, on June 6, 2023. Courtesy of NUFORC.
Alleged UFO/UAP sighting in Williamson, NY, on June 6, 2023. Courtesy of NUFORC.

June 7 - Williamson, NY

The following night, the SAME resident reported seeing "at least a dozen, dim crafts in the sky." But the sighting gets even crazier.

They were chasing each other and firing at each other.

The reporter claimed, "It started out with the same brighter one from the previous nights sighting. I started to notice more of them, following each other. Noticed a faint red that looked identical to something being shot out of a ship. Observed at least 5 of them, right after another, swoop down into the middle of a cloud formation... The objects were moving side to side, in circles, zipping around and the cloud formation seemed to mimic what they were doing. "

Unfortunately, they didn't get any of it on film.

June 13 - Brooklyn, NY

A person reported seeing a "Freely rotating tic-tac shaped metallic, reflective object that suddenly disappeared."

They added they live on the 12th floor of their apartment building and believed the object was moving "100s of miles per hour."

For reference, a Navy fighter pilot famously reported seeing a "Tic Tac-looking object" in 2004. The video purportedly showing the craft was declassified, but it was never investigated or explained by officials.

Photo: Unsplash/YouTube Fox News
Photo: Unsplash/YouTube Fox News

June 15 - Sayville, NY

A stargazer reported they thought they were observing a satellite around 10:23 at night, but then its "orbit became very erratic." They say the object began flying at a high rate of speed, turning abruptly at 90 degree angles and in an erratic pattern.

I have been casually watching planets, stars, space stations, satellites. This was weird.


July 7 - New York City

A person was videotaping in Central Park when they claim "2 orbs appeared and disappeared" in the night sky around 5:04 in the morning.

They "played back the video to discover one bright fast moving orb and another faint one a half a second later."

They submitted their video to NUFORC, but it wasn't posted publicly.


David Grusch, a former Pentagon official who investigated UAPs, said during his Wednesday testimony that he has knowledge of a secret government program that recovers and reverse engineers crashed alien spacecrafts.

House Committee Holds First Open Hearing On UFO's In Decades
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

The Pentagon has denied those claims.

Grusch spoke before the House Oversight Committee's national security subcommittee, which is a bipartisan group of lawmakers.

He claimed his testimony was "based on information I've been given by individuals with a long-standing track record of legitimacy and service to this country, many of whom have shared compelling evidence in the form of photography, official documentation and classified oral testimony to myself and many various colleagues."

Unfortunately for us, most of the documents were classified and could not be shown to lawmakers.

Grusch also claimed the government has known about extraterrestrial life as early as the 1930s.

Grusch said he hopes his testimony will move Congress to hold the government accountable and make information about alien life more transparent.

Until that happens, keep looking at the night sky. Maybe you'll see something cool.

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