There's a very slight chance that BOTH MSG teams and Boston Garden Teams would advance to the next round of playoffs. HOW WOULD THAT EVEN WORK?

Wednesday night the Boston Celtics knocked off the Cleveland Cavaliers to advance to advance  their 3rd straight East Conference finals.

Tonight The Boston Bruins have a chance to force a Game 7 against the mostly unbeatable Florida Panthers.

Ok. put that aside for a moment.

Last night the NY Rangers  sent the Carolina Hurricanes ( formerly my Hartford Whalers) packing back to south of the Mason Dixon. Courtesy of a of a 3rd period Chris Kreider hat trick.

In addition to that, tonight The Knicks have a potential clincher against the Indiana Pacers.

If all of these things happen, The Knicks/Celtics & Rangers/Bruins would do battle for postseason glory. My question is HOW? How in the heck would this even work? For one arenas crew to have to change from court to rink for  the regular season is insane.

I'm sure this scenario has played out before, however, these are two of the most famous arenas in the world, in two cities that have a rich history of sports rivalry between them AND its all happening at the same time.

My Suggestion: FLIP A COIN

The owners of MSG and TD Garden should get together and flip a coin. Heads Basketball : Tails Hockey.

There's some union of arena workers begging for this solution.  If you work for one of these arenas you've gotta be like " Just Lose Please..somebody lose"

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This is a dream scenario  for everyone except the arena crew. Time to make some ridiculous parlays!


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