Move over Rockefeller Christmas Tree, there is a tree in the Hudson Valley that shines even brighter because it has way more lights on it! Whether or not you're making a visit to New York City this holiday season to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, also take a moment to enjoy this Poughkeepsie marvel.

Rockefeller Christmas Tree 2023

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree has been a tradition since 1931, and stands as one of the most iconic Christmas displays across the world. This year's Rockefeller Tree is from Vestal, NY, right outside of Binghamton. The Norway spruce is 80 feet tall, 43 feet wide, and weighs 12 tons. It's said that the tree is about 80-85 years old. And to top it off, the star on the tree weighs 900 pounds and features 70 spikes covered in 3 million diamonds!

When it comes to the lights on the tree, it is adorned with about 50,000 lights, stretching 5 miles of wire! You think that number is impressive? Well then you haven't seen this particular Poughkeepsie holiday tree!

The Marist College Holiday Tree Boasts 55% More Lights Than The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Many people have already called the Marist Holiday Tree the "Rockefeller Christmas Tree of the Hudson Valley." Just as people all across the world flock to Rockefeller Plaza each holiday season, the Marist Holiday Tree is a tourist attraction for those from and outside the area. Each year since 2002, car loads of people will visit the tree each night throughout the holiday season to take pictures and bask in the light.

The Marist Holiday Tree is as tall as the Rockefeller Tree is wide! The Marist Holiday Tree stands at 48 feet tall, and can easily be seen from Route 9 in Poughkeepsie as you pass by the campus. Though the Marist Holiday Tree is just over half the height of the Rockefeller Tree, it has plenty more lights. The Marist Holiday Tree is adorned with 77,000 lights, meticulously arranged in 770 energy-efficient LED strands. That figure means that the Marist Holiday Tree has 55% more lights than the Rockefeller tree! Every fifth light on the Marist Holiday Tree is a vibrant red which is meant to showcase school spirit and generate a warm glow.

You can see pictures below from one of my visits to the Marist Holiday Tree!

Marist College Christmas Tree 2021

It's that time of year for Hudson Valley citizens to flock to the bright lights of Marist College to bask in the glory that is the Marist Christmas Tree! We highly recommend making a trip in person, but here are some of our photos to hold you over until you can make the trek.

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