A hysterical girl who has gained a lot of attention on social media has some big connections to the Hudson Valley.

I'm guilty of it...I spend a lot of time on social media. Some of the time it's for work and other times it's for entertainment. There are people that really stand out on social media and this girl is surely one of them.

What social media star has big connections to the Hudson Valley?

Her name is Nandita and she's stunning, like Hollywood stunning.

After many long days, I found myself watching her videos and they have given me a much-needed smile and have cracked up uncontrollably. One of the best videos on her page is her video about Staten Island Moms and I've watched it too many times to count, I mean she really embraces all characters and people in the best way.

She also gets very open and talks about being a mom, fitness, fashion, and family difficulties. In one recent video, she shared that she's connected to the Hudson Valley and it's in a pretty big way.

In the video, Nan mentioned that during her childhood she spent a lot of time in Kingston and Woodstock. It's funny how so many people have some kind of connection to the Hudson Valley and it shows how big the area really is.

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She has definitely taken social media by storm and if you need some laughs you should check out her page

By the way, she has fabulous hair, make-up and great outfit choices.

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