Parents are frustrated with the way local officials have handled recent child luring attempts in Schenectady, which occurred just two weeks apart.

Briana Supardi,
Briana Supardi,

The First Attempt

According to, the first incident happened just before 9am on February 13th at the corner of Bradt and Broadway in Schenectady, closeby to an elementary school and an early childhood center. It is reported that a man driving a gray FJ Cruiser drove up to a child twice, and eventually asked if they wanted a ride. Upon investigating, law enforcement was able to track down a lead. Sadly, they are still in search of the man.

On Monday, Police say they have located the vehicle, but not the driver. The man is described as a mid 40’s male, large build, bald, with a medium complexion. -WRGB Staff,

Parents were outraged that it took school officials over 24 hours to alert them, but as the school district's Climate and Safety Director Jeffrey Russo states, the police don't want to share too much information with the public too early in case it tips off the person they're looking for (JT Fetch,

Briana Supardi,
Briana Supardi,

The Second Attempt

Briana Supardi from CBS 6 Albany reports that in the afternoon of Monday, February 27th, a man in a black SUV allegedly tried to lure a child into their vehicle by offering them a stuffed animal near the Central Park rose garden. Unlike the first incident, the school district notified parents of the attempt within hours. In WRGB CBS 6 Albany's Facebook post, a commenter shared a screenshot of a post by Henry DeMasi, the parent of the child.

The cops found him and questioned him. He got out of his car and followed my son and offered him a teddy bear. My son also stated that is what happened... Apparently the cops said he seems like he has Alzheimer's or something along those lines. -Henry DeMasi via Facebook

The police reported to CBS 6 Albany that no crimes have been committed, and they do not believe there to be any additional safety concerns for students who walk to and from school (Briana Supardi,

WRGB CBS 6 News Albany: "Parents on Edge"

If you have any information about either incident, it is strongly suggested you call the Schenectady Police Youth Aid Bureau at (518)382-5256.

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