Why is it so hard for some people to follow the rules? I always like to see what's going on in different Facebook groups, so the other night I was looking and noticed a post that made me shake my head a few times.

There are so many beautiful outdoor spots in the Hudson Valley and it's a shame when people try to ruin them with their careless behavior.

What happened in Beacon, NY?

K. Meyer/Canva
K. Meyer/Canva

According to one member of the group, someone left their grill burning at the popular riverside parking in Beacon. Now before you go and say this is just someone complaining there is serious danger that could come from it.

What can happen if you leave a grill like this burning?

  • A serious fire can break out
  • An animal could run into it and get burned or spill the coals
  • Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide are getting released into the air
  • The whole area will reek of smoke for an extended period of time
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Yikes. Remember that we all want to use the parks around and more people will be going outside as Spring quickly approaches. Educate yourself on the rules of each park in the Hudson Valley and let's help keep it a safe place for everyone and the animals around here.

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