Every year since 1938, Jack's Drive In has been serving some of the best affordable eats to the Capital Region. Fast forward to 2022, and in year no. 84, Jack's is open for business once again.

Facebook / Jack's Drive-In
Facebook / Jack's Drive-In

Located at 24 Main Avenue in Wynantskill, Jack's has kept their menu simple for decades, and has consistently knocked it out of the park with their burger, hot dog and fry-related creations.

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For the average cost of food in 2022, Jack's menu is still keeping their prices reasonable. Check out some of the prices you can expect from the road-side stop:

  • Hamburgers are $2.05, and cheeseburgers are $2.35
  • Hot dogs are $2.10, and $1.10 for a mini hot dog
  • French fries are $1.95, $2.95, with a small order of cheddar fries going for $2.65, and a small order of loaded fries going for $3.15
  • Drinks are $1.60 for a small, $2.10 for a large, and $3.75 for a medium milkshake

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the extent of the menu.

Facebook / Jack's Drive-In

That being said, how could you possibly need anything more than what Jack's has? The loaded fries are something special, with melted cheese and meat sauce atop the fries themselves. The hot dogs and "mini hot dogs" are also incredible creations, with mustard, onion and meat sauce atop both.

Jack's Drive In is a classic establishment, and hasn't deviated far from where they began 84 years ago. They serve American classics at reasonable prices, and as you can see in the above picture, they offer a nice environment to eat at a picnic table or in the back of your car.

Facebook / Jack's Drive-In

This is not an advertisement, either. I genuinely love locally-owned, "old-school American" restaurants like this, and am excited to make it a part of my summer in the Capital Region.

You can like them on Facebook for more information, too.

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