This guy gets press for making fun of Randy Moss’s work ethic last week, and now he is out selling probably one of the worst video games of all time.



Look at this Pile of S**T.  Are you kidding me man? the G.O.A.T. is freaking making a video game about football playing dogs.  This is where you go, I accepted “Dancing with the Stars” I did. I accepted the fact that you are now the old man of wisdom and only come out of your post NFL cave to yell at young players to get off your lawn.  I even would except if you jumped on the band wagon and started doing the “Just for Men” your beard is weird commercials. But this steaming pile is unforgivable.


So you play as Jerry rice who for some reason can get a group of 22 dogs to stop eating sh*t and humping each other long enough to play a game of football. Jerry rice is the Quarterback, which makes sense he was well known quarterback in his hall of fame wide receiving career. The playing field looks like it belongs in Bosnia or some other 3rd world country that has more land mines then people, and the graphics are  high quality if you consider Intelevision high quality.


When playing this crime against humanity make sure to watch out for pitfalls, like a wild raccoon that will jump out of nowhere and your dog will stop running for some reason, which makes sense.  If I saw a wild raccoon in a dog park during the day, I’m calling the State Police to come bust a cap in its rabies carrying ass.


This game is more of a post playing career killer then complications from concussions. I award this game no points and may god have mercy on Jerry Rice.


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