Right now new GM John idzik doesn't look like this guy that was going to be brought in to fix what ailed the NY Jets.

In fact it looks like his roster moves have only added to the car crash that appears to be the Jets.

Idzik's 1st free agent signee, running back Mike Goodson, has been suspended by the NFL for violating the league's policy and programs for substance abuse.

Goodson got into trouble in what seemed to be his 1st hour of being a Jet. Signed in March, Goodson was soon popped for a number of violations, including drug possession and an unlawful firearm.

Not that trouble is strange to Goodson. His previous 2 stops saw legal issues as well. At least Goodson is batting .1000 still. Goodson previous played in Carolina and with the Oakland Raiders.

In addition to his mounting legal woes, seems our pal Goodson, signed instead of bringing back Shonn Greene who left via free agency to Tennessee. Our pal Goodson allegedly has fathered 6 kids with 3 different woman and has been sued for paternity and child support by all 3 of these woman. Again Goodson running a perfect score.

Goodson was arrested in May so gotta give him credit he did manage to escape the long arm of the law for a whole 2 months after becoming a Jet. Now it is easier to see why Goodson was handed a contract by Idzik, 2 months wow. What can 1 expect for the 6.9 million fat one's the Jets are forking over, including a 1 million dollar signing bonus.

Just to add icing to our "Goodson Cake" seems our hero tried to bag out on paying a Houston area jewelry store over 56,000 dollar he bought merchandise from. After being sued he was forced to kick over more then 84,000 with legal fees and etc tacked on.

I could add even more trouble that Mr. Goodson has gotten into but why bother. Congrats Mr. Goodson. Good to see you back with the team. Let's try and make it 3 months before your next arrest ok.

Goodson can return back to the playing field after game 4. That means he is ok to play against Tennessee  (Hello Shonn Green) on September 30th.

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