The sad tale of former Green Bay Packer Johnny Jolly has come to an end as he was sentenced to 6 years in jail after violating his probation. 


It's always terrible to see someone fall down hard, and former NFL player Johnny Jolly has fallen pretty hard.  In 2010 he was suspended indefinitely by the NFL after he was caught with 200 grams of codeine in 2008, and drug that he was very much addicted to and he attribute to his trouble.  Now 3 years later the story has come to a conclusion (for now) and Jolly will be serving 6 years in prison.

It's a sad end to what would have been a very promising NFL career.  The power of addiction is something that most of us can't wrap our minds around and in Jolly's case it has really destroyed his life.  According to Yahoo Sports, when he was suspended by the NFL he said that the drug was his only friend.

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