A guy with a very long name (Fardin Sharifipour) decided he needed a little cash so why not break in to a nice home in a bedroom community and hunt for some Jewelry. Faradin not being the brightest thief triggered a slient alarm and was found by the police with lots of jewelry stuffed in his pants. When he realized police cars had filled the driveway of the home this dumb ass decides to hide in the closet because cops won't look there right? Who looks for a guy hiding in the closet. Needless to say this moron was arrested and is in Saratoga county jail.

Now I have an admission to make. When I was stupid and 19 my friend and I broke in a house in Miami. I wish I could remember the house and make restitution to those people but it was 40 years ago. I've since had my house broken into and trust me you never feel quite safe after that.