Johnnie Walker is no stranger to creative tie ins when it comes to promotions. I have a bottle of Special Edition Yankees Blue Label at home on display. Other bottles without my favorite sports franchise of all time on the side have not been so lucky. Now Johnnie Walker is adding one of my favorite TV shows to it special editions. I introduce to you Johnnie Walker "White Walker" Whiskey is here.

I may have to have two bottles of this, one for drinking and on for display. Regardless I assure you I will get this. Just like my friends that had to have the "Entourage" line and the women I know who like whiskey and stocked up on the "Jane Walker: whiskey for women" I will add White Walker to my home bar. Biggest plus as a fan of Game of Thrones, White Walker won't make me wait another year to see what it's all about.

"White Walker" and a full line of Game of Thrones inspired beverages were featured in USA Today. I think this paragraph is why I'm most excited:

 "The White Walker, a blend from two single malt scotches from Cardhu and Clynelish distilleries in northern Scotland, is meant to be served cold. When put in a freezer, the iconic 750-milliliter bottle's white and blue thermochromic ink will glow, a nod to the phosphorescent radiance emitted by the eyes of the show's villainous white walkers. "

In case you missed the Yankees' promo, here it is.

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