There are certain things you do and don't do here in Western New York, especially when it comes to food.

We take our food very seriously. Beef on weck sandwiches have to be just right to appease a Buffalonian. Wings have to come with blue cheese (not ranch) and the wings have to be crispy enough and have the right taste and consistency with the sauce.

Buffalo definitely doesn't choose chain restaurants over local spots for wings and chances are, Buffalo Wild Wings isn't a popular choice for wings with longtime Western New York residents.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen recently did a commercial with Buffalo Wild Wings, which was posted this week, and let's just say many of the comments were asking 'why Josh."

The commercial features Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray as well and it's teasing another video coming on Thursday, September 2nd.

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I mean, I don't care which commercials Josh stars in, but it is a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial so it's at least understandable why some would say "say it ain't so, Josh!?"

Truthfully, I haven't been to a Wild Wings in a few years, but I remember going there as a kid when the Sabres played the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2001 playoffs. Wow, was that really 20 years ago?

I know Josh loves Bar-Bill wings, which he has stated before in the past.

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