Every month it's such an honor to learn about everyday people doing simply amazing things and Chrissy and I get to experience that with our Hometown Heroes. May's recipient is a woman named Robin Wickham-Drobner from Coxsackie. What she does every single day is nothing short of remarkable, and it was our pleasure to honor her as this month's Hometown Hero.

She's fostered a whole host of children while caring for her own, she volunteers for the Girl Scouts, she's involved with her local church, oh -- and she's also behind an initiative designed to save people's lives by being Narcan certified. How does she do it? She tells us her secret and it's quite the amazing story. Robin Wickham-Drobner is one of the most inspirational and worthy Hometown Heroes out there.

County Waste has partnered with us to honor those in our communities who are truly making a difference.

Click here to see how you can nominate a hero for the month of June.

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