It seems like nowadays I can't find a channel without that darn Justin Bieber showing up. The other night I'm watching CSI and he's in the episode acting! Who knew! Then, Friday night, I was pretty surprised to find him yet again doing something I wouldn't have ever thought he'd do out on national TV considering his age and size!

Yep! I found him on ESPN playing in the All-Star NBA Celebrity game! So I said to myself "alright I'm going to watch for a bit and see what happens. Nothing else is on except for my Buffalo Sabres losing to a team they should be beating, so I'll give this a look. The other players and celebs on court will probably just be real easy and gentle with him!" Boy was I wrong!


The kid held his own pretty well! Was able to dribble well in front of Scottie Pippen and took a couple good shots! Also had a few good assists as well! I was pretty impressed! Entertaining as well!

I certainly found it much more entertaining than his CSI appearance the other night!

Look I may not be a fan of Justin Bieber's music and you probably will never find me with any of his CDs on me, but I at least respect and give the kid some props for going out and acting and playing some hoops out on national TV! Takes a lot of heart to certainly do that!


Oh...and also takes some guts and chutzpah to call out Tom Brady for his crazy caveman hairdo! So I applaud Justin Bieber for breaking out of his shell to take on some other challenges in front of all of us!

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