This week Levack and Goz are broadcasting live from Radio Row in Houston getting you ready for Super Bowl 51 this Sunday. It is not just the biggest stars in sports stopping by to visit the guys. Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell stopped by to discuss his current show on the network Game Shakers. Mitchell became the breakout star during this year's media day as he was interviewing both Falcons and Patriots as his character Ed from Good Burger. If you missed it, here is a reunion of the skit from The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon from a year ago.

In recent years, networks have began a trend of reviving shows from different eras. Could we see a Kenan & Kel revival show in the near future?

Goz: We’ve seen some revivals of some 90’s shows. We saw Boy meets Meet’s World come back with Girl Meet’s World. Could we ever see a year or three years from now? A Keenan and Kel maybe on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon?


Kel: Well you know we did the reunion with Jimmy Fallon. I know you saw that because that was funny. Keenan and I were sitting down right after that. Man we gotta do something cause the fans are just going crazy about it. So, you definitely see something were putting something together that’s gonna be crazy.

What's Kel's relationship like with Kenan now? Find out those answers below.


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