I've played baseball my entire life. I played it in high school at Shenendehowa. I played it in college at Oswego State.

I've coached collegiately for the past three years, not to mention summer leagues for five of the last six.

That doesn't make me a baseball expert - and it doesn't mean that I'm the foremost authority on the sport. But it does give me a unique perspective.

Clayton Kershaw (Getty Images)
Clayton Kershaw (Getty Images)

I know how hard this game is. And I know how unfair it is to label Clayton Kershaw a "choke artist" for his postseason "failures."

So even though I'm rooting for the Mets, I was extremely happy to see Kershaw dominate last night. Seven innings, one run. On three day's rest. I want that guy on my team.

Kershaw has three bad playoff starts to his resume. That's it.

He gave up five earned in 4.2 innings in 2009 and he gave up seven in 2013 through four innings. He gave up eight in six innings last year against the Cardinals.

How about the no-decision he got in 2009 when he allowed two earned runs in 6.2?

How about the no-decision he got in 2013 when he gave up ZERO earned runs in six innings?

How about the loss he got in 2013 when he went six, and gave up ONE UNEARNED run?

Clayton Kershaw is really good. He's had some bad luck. Some bad defense, some lack of offense. He's had three clunkers too, but he's not a choke artist.



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