The New York Knicks’ are not only going make the playoff, but it’s possible they could host a first round matchup with the Atlanta Hawks. How about former Shen Standout Kevin Huerter and the Hawks at MSG to grab a few headlines?  And it would be a very compelling series, with more games like the one we saw Wednesday at MSG when the Knicks won in overtime. Both teams are drastically improved this season, especially the Knicks who have won 8 straight.

Yesterday Tom Thibodeau declared a "blackout day" for his team meaning he was restricting his team from practicing or shooting in any capacity. Basically telling his team to take a day off. We discussed this on the program which you can listen to above and see some of the takeaways below:

  • NBA teams are not allowed to practice after a back-to-back but players like Immanuel Quickley were still looking to get into the facility to get some shots up. Quickley heard what Coach Thibs was getting at but his determination was on full display by saying he still would try to figure out how to get in there. This may be the one time the head coach is okay with his player disobeying him.
  • Thibs has been known to overwork his players so this seems to be a 180 in terms of approach or also a reward for how hard this team has worked.
  • RJ Barrett has said he believes Thibs should be in the running for coach of the year so I think it is clear that the relationship between Head Coach and players could not be better than what we were expecting when the Thibs hire was announced.

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