Former New York Knick Kristaps Porzingis is making news after video has surfaced of the Latvian big man with a bloodied face and torn t-shirt outside a night club in Latvia. Reports are the current Dallas Maverick and a group of friends were trying to leave the club as a group of Russian males were being kept out by security.

In the video, you can see Porzingis shove a female out of his way as he attempts to confront the other group. What appears to be either police or club security intervenes. The cut over Porzingus' eye is one thing but there are also reports he may have injured his hand as well. Some stories say Porzingis may have actually broken his hand. Details are limited at this time but we will continue to monitor the situation.

For Knicks' fans, the Kristaps Porzingis trade was met with mixed reactions. Some were extremely upset that the Knicks would allow a young talented player of Porzingus' stature go while others took more of a good riddance approach. Not knowing what role KP actually played in the altercation it's too soon to truly factor it into the trade however as a New York fan it is nice to not have one of my teams tied to a fight for once.

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