When did Mark Sanchez become Kyle Boller? Or Rex Grossman? Answer-NEVER yet listening to many voices you would think he is the worst QB in history-Jets history. Fact is besides Joe Namath no Jet QB has has had more success then Sanchez. Now if the measuring stick is Tom Brady then yes Mark Sanchez is lousy. However Brady isn't the measuring stick, winning is or I thought it was. Sanchez has led the Jets to 2 AFC title games. he is tied for 2nd in NFL history in road playoff wins but somehow that doesn't matter I guess. Well it does to this Jet fan.

Seems everyone wants to blame the Sanchize for the Jets terrible and dissapointing season. Hello look at the plays being dialed up for him to run. I am surprised Sanchez didn't at some point just ignore the called plays by offensive co-ordinator Brian Shottenheimer. Hey watch the Jets throw 5 yard slants and WR screens all game. Yeah Tom brady couldn't succeed with that play calling. The Jets play calling has all the imagination of boiling water. Count how many times Sanchez had a play called like oh i don't know a deep pass to Santonio Holmes or a go up and get it long ball to Plaxico Burress..Yeah like none.

Don't get me wrong. Sanchez did not have a good season but I mostly blame the inept play calling. he takes the blame cause he is the QB but I dare say with the limited expansion of the play book Namath himself would have struggled. throw in a bad year for the offensive line, a sub par year from the running backs and well the combination doesn't work. Yes Sanchez didn't improve from his 1st 2 years but I remain convinced he can take the Jets where we fans ache to go-The Super Bowl

I would love to see Mark Sanchez get a year with an OC that actually has more then 4 pass plays to call on. Shottenheimer needs to be the one to go not Sanchez. Well unless Payton Manning becomes available then everything I just said is  moot. Since that won't be happening Sanchez is the guy and if the Jets are serious about winning a new OC is a must