The free agent signing period is officially opens this afternoon at 4 p.m. The first day of free agency is usually full of outrageous signings for far too high of a price.

This year brings a new tend on the market: "Confused quarterbacks." I call them confused because this is a select group of quarterbacks that believe they are of starter quality when in all reality they are a glorified backups at this point in their career. There is nothing wrong with being a good, solid backup quarterback -- just know your role is to assist the starter, and if called upon, do your job and manage the game.

This offseasons top-tier free agent quarterbacks are all big names that have had glimpses of quality and success. These are the top four options available:

  • Mike Vick - The 33-yr-old still has top-tier speed, agility,and throwing power. Vick's downfall is his chronic injury problem. Teams that are said to be interested are the Jets, Vikings, and Texans.
  • Josh McCown - The 35-yr-old stepped up in a big way when Jay Cutler went    down last season for the Bears. Two years ago he was on the sidelines coaching high school football. This is one of the names that many people are throwing around for a solid backup signing. One problem though: McCown  says he wants to start   next year. Well there aren't many teams looking for a long term 35-yr-old quarterback that had a nice five game stretch of games last season. Just remember that he had two of the best wide receivers in the game and a top-10 running back.
  • Josh Freeman- Freeman has the most upside out of these quarterbacks but he has a reputation of being a coach and team chemistry destroyer. The only team that has been rumored to possibly take a chance on him is the Dallas Cowboys. No team will bring him as the main guy but may be worth a flier for a good team with good leadership. (PIT, BAL, NO)
  • Mark Sanchez - Got his team to two AFC Championships, beating the Patriots in one of the runs. Ran into one butt on Thanksgiving Night and now he is the worst quarterback ever. Far from the truth, Mark Sanchez (27) is my personal pick for my backup quarterback. If I am a team in a warm climate, I would pick Sanchez right up. I'm a firm believer that if a quarterback is from a warm area (like Sanchez, So. Cal/USC). Going to the Big Apple was not going to work with his style. An anonymous GM reported months ago Sanchez would start for their team immediately


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