Super Bowl 51 is not until February but Sunday at Wolf's 1-11, a bet for the big game will be settled between Levack and I. Levack is a life long Raiders fan while I am a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This weekend our teams match up in a game that could determine the playoff future of both teams. The loser of the wager will have to wear the opposing co-host's jersey one day on radio row during Super Bowl week. If the Oakland Raiders lose, then Levack will have to wear a Ali Marpet Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey. Marpet is not just the starting right guard for the Buccaneers but he also is a graduate of my alma mater Hobart College. If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' lose then I will have to wear a Darren McFadden jersey on radio row. Levack owns many more Raider jerseys but we had decided since McFadden was no longer on the team, the embarrassment level would be even higher. Levack and I will be at Wolf's 1-11 from 1pm until the end of the early games on Sunday.