Here's my Top Five Holiday Uniforms from the MLB.

5) The All Star Game uniforms: I like how every city adds their own flair to the All Star Game uniforms but there has to be a better way than just making the teams logo Orange? First off they all look like Orioles logos to me second there need to be a better way to rep Miami then the color orange.
4) Mother’s day uniforms: Pink on gray actually works and if you wore it I would probably be super jealous of you but I’ve made it 40 years without wearing pink and I’m not starting now.
3) Father’s Day: Love these! Love that MLB actually does both Mother and Father’s day and much like Pink on gray baby blue on gray also looks awesome so I’m all in. The only reason this is three is because I LOVE 1 and 2.
2) Fourth of July: Red, White and Blue with a little extra MURICA in the logos! How can you not love this?! Seeing the Yankees logo all Stars and stripped on a blue hat with a red bill...gimme me a minute.
1) Memorial Day: I LOVE THE NEW MEMORIAL DAY HATS!!! Salute the military and your favorite team with these bad boys? I am all in and then some my friend. As you can see I bought last year’s hat and I think I like this one even more!
Those are my ranking of the MLB holiday uniforms, feel free to leave a comment or Tweet me which ones you love or dislike @THEjefflevack on Twitter.

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