From YouTube-

It is now possible to lick your cat with the "Licki Brush", a fun giant rough tongue-shaped brush placed in his mouth and allowing brushing her cat. While it may be a joke product, a website already exists and a fundraising campaign will soon be set up on Kickstarter to design this WTF.

Cats are meant to lick themselves. If you feel the need to take this job away from pussy galore, then you need to get medical help NOW. Also, if you're a female and you have more than 7 cats, you're a cat lady. You have no men in your life, and everything is about those kitties. Don't get me wrong, I like cats, even through I'm a dog person. If you are all about cat rescue, hats off to you, but If you have more than 7 cats and don't date, you might as well marry them. Put a ring on those paws!

My cat is Giddon, and he is one of those cats that acts like a dog. Dogs greet you, cats ignore you, unless they are hungry. Dogs will love you no matter what, cats will love you if you're lucky. Dogs want to walk with you, cats use your windowsill as a bed!

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