Manny Ramirez is a dirtbag.  Instead of serving a suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs for the second time, he decided to retire.  This story should all tell us one very important thing.

Just because an athlete gets busted for using performance-enhancing drugs once, it doesn't mean that they automatically stop using PED's from that point on.

There is a tendency to assume that athletes stop using performance-enhancing drugs once they've been busted.  I know I fall into that trap at times.  Manny Ramirez proves that this is a very shaky theory.

Manny was busted for using PED's in 2009.  He was suspended for 50 games.  We're just finding out that Manny tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs during Spring Training this year.  Instead of serving a 100-game suspension, he decided to retire.  That's dirty pool.  Cheating is bad enough, but not serving your punishment like a man is unforgivable.