For 3 years, I've been saying that Nick Markakis is one of the best rightfielders in baseball.

Well, on Saturday night - the Orioles outfielder proved it.

Markakis made an unbelievable catch in the bottom of the 9th inning in the O's 3-1 win over Tampa Bay.

The Rays' Ben Zobrist was up to bat.  He had two on and the Rays were down by 2 runs.  The former Tri-City ValleyCat nearly won the game for the home club but Markakis had other ideas.

I'm not getting too excited about Baltimore's 3-0 start because I realize all of the happy feelings could be gone in a week after a 4-game losing streak.

But considering the Birds started 2-16 last year, I'll take it.  If Markakis continues to make plays like this, it could be a fun year!

Markakis' catch is at around 30 seconds in this video.