Please Mr.Ronald McDonald I beg you, don't discontinue the Mcrib anymore. I know you are a successful businessman and wealthy beyond description but let a little guy like me help you out. Get rid of the rubbery Mcnuggets, the phony fish sandwich but stop taking away my McRib!!!!

I must have issues cause I didn't sleep well last night thinking about this top notch samich being back on the menu. I am not a big guy who dreams of food, but the Mcrib is different. Oh it's  covered in that scrumptious BBQ sauce. It's got onions and even the pickles are tolerable on this gem. Listen Mr McDonald (may I call you mister), there is no shortage of cows to get this delight from. Heck I just drove across country and for like 4 states it's cow heaven. Dare I say it Ronald, get rid of the Big Mac but don't take away my McRib no more!!!! Thank you and goodbye from a very full customer today.

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