Are you more of a Freddy or Jason person? For me, it is always Freddy, but damn sure the Friday The 13th movies are just as legendary.

Horror movies just don't get made like that anymore. The gore factor was certainly there in the Friday The 13th film series, but it just wasn't as amped up like many horror flicks today. These movies were about the thrill, the scare, and more importantly the suspense.

Regardless of which film franchise is your favorite from the horror genre, you can meet Ari Lehman. Lehman was the first and original Jason Vorhees. Now, obviously, you didn't see his face in the flick as Jason always wears his famous 1970's style hockey mask. But Lehman still has the stories of the flick.

In my opinion, the first film of the bunch was the best. Which one do you like?

Ari Lehman will be at Heroes Hideout next weekend in Colonie Center. More from their Facebook page is here.

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