As a life long Met fan I know all about rebuilding. I also know about being cheap and tight with a buck. This Met ownership is the Latter not the former. I give you Zach Wheeler and Jeremy Hefner as the latest examples.

The Mets are trying to sell their shrinking fan base Jeremy Hefner. Please!!!! Mr Every other start I stink was terrible last night in Philadelphia. This after a decent 1st start to the season. This is what Met ownership is selling us and sadly manager Terry Collins who will pay for the frugality with his job is playing the part of shill. I feel bad for Terry. Nobody could win with the roster the Mets have given him the past 3 years, yet Collins has done a credible job. Even God couldn't keep the Mets in the pennant race last year when they won a lot of games late with a big hit and smoke and mirrors. Sooner or later, and last year was later, the thin roster would reveal itself. It did and the Mets fell apart.

Now they are trying to sell us Hefner as a stop gap to Zach Wheeler. ENOUGH! Bring up Wheeler and let's see him grow in the bigs, not in the offense frenzy that is the PCL. Like Matt Harvey last year it is clear Wheeler has lost interest in the minors and is accomplishing nothing.

Heffner got rocked by scuffling Philly on Wednesday night, gave up 5 runs in the 1st inning including 2 homeruns. GAME OVER.

Hefner's E.R.A. is now 6. he fools you with a good start here or there but let's face it he stinks. His fastball tops at like 88. He has to spot the ball and hope. He stinks!!!!!!

Yet Met management and Collins will tell us this or that about how Hefner is a control pitcher and blah blah blah. I am tired of hearing it.

I can live with the growing pains of a Gee or a Niese and even when it happens a Harvey. Hefner-NOOOOOO!  He is clearly inadequate  and the Mets know it.

The problem is and many agree with the Mets plan is bringing up Wheeler now means he would be eligible  for arbitration sooner if called up now. To that I say so what!!!

The Mets as I have said are run like the Oakland A's. Sorry GM Sandy Alderson but you aren't Billy Bean and who wants to be Oakland. This is New York. Number 1 market. If you can't handle the responsibility then sell the club and go buy more real estate.

Last year Hefner was 4-7 with an E.R.A. over 5. This year he has taken it even higher after 2 starts, yet the Mets keep telling us about what he can accomplish.

Not a scout alive will tell you that Wheeler isn't the goods. This nonsense of giving Wheeler time to get seasoning is an excuse, the latest excuse in a long line of excuses. Wasting Wheeler in Las Vegas is hurting him, the team, and the fans. Vegas and the PCL is like baseball in Colorado before they went to the humidifier's. Pop ups were home runs. Tell me Met fans or Met ownership what in Tom Seaver is Wheeler going to learn down there? Nothing!

Back in 1984 then GM Frank Cashen, a brilliant baseball man who helped build the Baltimore Orioles into the long time power they were wanted to keep Dwight Gooden down in the minors for more "seasoning." Yet new manager Davey Johnson insisted off a strong spring that Doc go north and was ready. Davey won, the Mets won, the fans won as we were treated to great pitching and excitement and a packed house almost every time the Doctor took the mound. the Mets started their turnaround from laughing stock to World Champ 2 years later.

I don't think Collins has the guts to take on Alderson ( Who is no Cashen that's for sure) or ownership. This is probably Terry's last stint as a manager in the majors and I am guessing he won't buck ownership and demand Wheeler be brought up. He should because the pitching of guys like Hefner will cost him his job as he plays company man.

Let me be clear here. Even with Wheeler the Mets aren't winning this year. The bullpen Alderson put together is brutal, The outfield is weak at best. However bringing up Wheeler shows the Mets are on their way and serious. It also injects the players with a belief and the fans with hope. Right now our hope is on display once or twice every 5 days then we get Hefner or maybe some other stiff.

This is no way to run a New York baseball team. Time to step up or step out!


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