During a recent trip to Nashville, I came across an interesting piece of memorabilia about a Johnny Cash show in Upstate NY nearly 30 years ago. And now, I need to know more...See the photos below!

Nashville is one of the truly great American cities and a must-visit if you're a country music fan.  It has it all, rich history, friendly people, it's super-clean, and even if you don't love country music, you'll at least appreciate it when you're in Nashville.

It's also the home of The Johnny Cash Museum featuring the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of Johnny Cash artifacts and memorabilia.

The first time I visited Music City was about 4 years ago, Chrissy and I were out there for a Brad Paisley Album Release Party, and man - what a whirlwind that was!  I think we were there for a total of 40 hours, had a pretty tight itinerary, and little time to explore, and unfortunately, I never did visit the Johnny Cash Museum.

During a return trip to Music City a few weeks ago, my girlfriend Samantha and I made it a point to check it out, and we're glad we did.

Inside the museum, we took our time looking over each exhibit and piece of memorabilia, soaking up as much as we could about the Man in Black.

One of the more interesting artifacts on display was something that most people wouldn't even notice - but we did. Typed on a piece of paper some 30-years-old, was a list of shows on Johnny Cash's touring schedule from way back in 1994.

Take a look at the highlighted section below, and you can see a piece of saved memorabilia that shows Cash's 1994 tour dates including a concert at the Starlight Music Theatre in Latham on September 2nd, 1994.

Photo: Brian Cody TSM
A piece of memorabilia inside the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville shows his 1994 tour dates - including a stop in Latham at the Starlight Music Theatre on September 2nd.

Interestingly, I was able to find exactly zero about this show online or anywhere outside of what I saw in the museum.  No other photos, or a video, setlist, basically nothing about this concert that happened 28 years ago.  I didn't become a fan of Cash's until music much later in life, and never had any idea he was here back when I was just 21-year-old.

Do you or anyone you know have any items, memorabilia, photos, or videos from that night, 9 years before he would pass away?  If so, feel free to message me at Brian@wgna.com, I'd love to know more.

Here are a few other photos taken during our visit to the Johnny Cash museum in Nashville.

There's Some Upstate NY Memorabilia in The Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville

In the meantime, speaking of the Starlight Music Theatre, many might not remember how active this place was for decades before it was left abandoned.

Heartwrenching Look at Beloved Capital Region Concert Venue Before Demolition

The Starlite Music Theater opened in 1957 and was a popular venue located in Latham. There were many acts that passed through the Starlite until 1997. It was a 3,000 seat theater in the round. In the 1980s I saw Belinda Carlisle of the Go Gos at the Starlite Music Theater. Kenny Rogers, The Monkees, Weird Al Yankovic, Jonny Cash, Run DMC, Diana Ross, and more graced the stage. The Starlite closed its doors in 1998 and laid dormant for years. Then in December of 2012, the Starlite was demolished. Here are pictures of the venue in the summer of 2012 before it was leveled.


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