This could turn into the feel good story of the year in Women's golf.  21 year old Japanese golfer Mika Miyazato is currently holding onto a one shot lead at the US Open.


It has been a tough road fro Mika Miyazato since joining the LPGA tour in 2008.  She has yet to win a single major championship in her young career.  If she can hold onto, and possibly build the lead that she has right now it could be her first at the US Open.

Mika is currently leading Ai Miyazato (no relation) by one stroke.  She sits at -5, while Ai is at -4.  IK Kim  is right behind them though at -3.  It won't be smooth sailing but she is well on her way.

With everything that has happened in Japan over the last few months with the earthquake and tsunami it could be a very up lifting moment for them if the 21 year old could pull off a win.  As a matter of fact Mika is donating all of her winnings in 2011 to the Red Cross and her winnings are already above $100,000.  If she won the US Open, she would take home $600,000, money that Japan's relief effort could certainly use.

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