While there won't be live racing, you could have the chance to soak in the splendor of Saratoga Race Course year-round.

The 1863 Club, which just opened a couple of years ago, will be open during the off-season to host special events. The three-story hospitality building on turn one of the track will now be available in the off-season "...for a wide variety of uses and experiences, including weddings, fundraisers, reunions, and corporate dinners," according to NYRA. The building includes two large event spaces that can accommodate larger gatherings of up to 500 people, along with the cozier luxury suites that can comfortably accommodate 30 to 45 guests.

NYRA Vice President of Sales and Hospitality Kevin Quinn said after the club got such a positive response during the race meets, it only made sense to keep the space open in the off-season for special events to give Saratoga fans more opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the Race Course. Not only will there be amazing views, but great eats too as Capital Region legend Mazzone Hospitality will handle on-site catering for events at the club.

Now if you love the Saratoga Race Course, the only catch here is ya gotta be a part of one of these special events. So maybe that engaged race fan in your life could use a great suggestion for a wedding venue. Or better yet, maybe drop a hint to whoever plans your holiday party at work! Better yet, if you would like to host an event at the space, NYRA says you can get more info by calling 518-690-0293 or emailing 1863Club@mazzonehospitality.com.

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