The "last best hope" for harmony between the MLB and the MLBPA has failed. The MLBPA has turned down the latest proposal by a vote of 33 to 5. This landside vote against the agreement even after MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred tweaked the deal again yesterday doesn't bode well for an actual agreement.

The Major League Baseball Players Association Tweeted out the following statement after voting down the MLB 60 game proposal.

This seems a far cry from the "When and Where" sentiment the players were so vocal about. This was a good chance to play a few extra games and get some future changes that might help both sides. The hard side of this as a fan is not knowing if the players truly want to play this season. According to ESPN's Jeff Passan, we now wait for Rob Manfred to implement however many games he sees fit. Which will undoubtedly result in a grievance from the MLBPA. Check out Passan's evolving article in the Tweet below.

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