It was certainly a bizarre scene on Wednesday afternoon when Max Scherzer was ejected for potentially using a sticky substance at the Los Angeles Dodgers.  It happened just before the bottom of the fourth inning as Scherzer had claimed earlier that his hand was "clumpy" to MLB umpires Phil Cuzzi and Dan Bellino.  Scherzer repeatedly claimed that it was sweat and rosin which is a legal substance for Major League Baseball.  However if it used in excess, like on a glove or jersey than it can warrant an ejection.  Scherzer even wiped off the sticky stuff with an alcohol wipe and washed his hands, but the umpires still deemed his hand sticky enough to throw him out of the game.  Mad Max will now face an automatic 10 game suspension that he can appeal.

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MJ and I discussed the Scherzer ejection in the Mets win earlier this morning right here on Big Board Sports.  We both agree that it was very interesting that his hands kept being sticky after cleaning them but maybe he just kept repeatedly grabbing the rosin bag which is already sticky and can help pitchers like Scherzer grip the ball better and improve spin rate.  Below is our full conversation on this.

The moral of the story is that this could cost the Mets a little bit because Scherzer could miss a few starts.  Hopefully there are no further issues with him and the sticky substances and at least he isn't going to be out with an injury.  Buck Showalter will have to make the necessary adjustments to the starting rotation moving forward for the next few weeks.

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