It's a historic day in the state of the New York as Mixed Martial Arts has been legalized...

It's been a long road as Helwani says the quest to begin legalizing the sport began in 2007. I fully agree with the decision to legalize the sport because it is the consumers decision to watch the sport or not. I am a newbie to the sport. It does honestly make me a little uncomfortable to watch athletes box without real boxing gloves and kick each other in the head.

While I like the pageantry around the sport and the characters in it (Rousey, McGregor, Holm, Tate, Jon Jones), I understand people who do not wish to see that kind of force and aggression in sports.

I don't believe the sport sets a bad example for kids or anything, I simply think it's up to each individual family as to what they let their kids watch.

MMA has said they hope to host at least one or two events in New York in 2016.