The NASCAR season kicks off with the Daytona 500 on Sunday.  And with that, comes the question - will Dale Earnhardt Junior finally win a race this year?

The bigger question really should be - is there another athlete more overrated than Dale Junior?  

Yes, I said it - Junior is overrated.  He's more famous than being famous - like Paris Hilton or one of the Kardashians.

He's had to follow in his dad's legacy.  He’s been under tremendous pressure even before his first race because of his father, Dale Sr. He’ll never be as good as his father & for us to think that just isn’t fair.  However, his last name is one of the reasons why he’s the most popular NASCAR Driver - it's not because of this performance on the track.  If his last name was Wilson – would he be a big deal?  Heck, would he even be in the Nextel Cup right now?


The simple reality is that Dale Earnhardt Junior just doesn't win and isn't even a factor on most race days.   He's won just 3 races in the last 6 years (that's a 93 race winless streak).  His last win was back in June of 2008.   Before that, he captured the checkered flag in 2006 (which means that he's won just once in 155 starts).

When your own family fires you, you’re not delivering.  DEI let him go a few years ago.  Granted, he doesn’t get along with his crazy step-mom but that’s the company that his dad created!  How on earth can you get fired by the company that your father started?  He’s not exactly Kyle Petty (he actually finishes races) – but he’s no Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson either.

If you want to Amp energy drink, sell jeans, watch Time Warner Cable and drink Mountain Dew, Dale Jr. is your guy.  But if you want to win races, call Jimmie Johnson!  Three victories in the last 6 years makes him the male version of Anna Kornikova & Danica Patrick.

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