The Warriors beat the Cavaliers last night to earn their first NBA title since 1975. The 104-97 win gave Golden State a 4-2 series victory.

We brought back in Joe Manganiello of the Watertown Daily Times and the Crossover Chronicles to put finishing touches on the finals.

We spoke about the Warriors' depth, the selection of Andre Iguodala as the MVP, and the job evaluation of David Blatt.

Furthermore, I opined that Steve Kerr needs to acknowledge the job that Mark Jackson did in laying the foundation for the Warriors, and that he needs to applaud his professionalism in broadcasting the NBA Finals with class and dignity.

Finally, the Warriors won the title due in large part of their ability to stay healthy. The Thunder, Blazers, Cavs, and Bulls were all severely compromised. Should their be an asterisk next to this Warriors title?

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