Because you can never have too many places to get tacos.

Seriously. The world is simply a better place when you have more options to get great tacos. They are simply one of the most enjoyable food dishes out there. They are so great tacos even have their own day - Taco Tuesday. There are reasons we do not Mutton Mondays or Fruit Salad Fridays. While enjoyable, they are just not tacos.

For taco lovers in Delmar, they will soon have a new restaurant to enjoy this Mexican staple.

According to a Times Union story, Foco Taco is in the process of being built at the old I Love NY Pizza location at 374 Delaware Avenue in Delmar. Owners of the new venture tell the Times Union the restaurant will open Monday, August 29th, and will serve "... tacos, burritos, bowls, salads, with ground beef, steak, pork, chicken and vegan."

The Foco Taco website is up and running, but has yet to include a menu.

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