I live in Albany near its historic Washington Park, and despite some of the inconveniences that come along with city-living, I really do love the area.

There's never a shortage of loud noises, lack of parking, incessant traffic, moderate crime, beggars, etc, and as someone who has lived down in Center Square for nearly 15 years, I've had my fair share of things to complain about.

But what's happening in Albany right now with the filming of season 2  of the HBO series "The Gilded Age" is actually really fun to watch - and not even I can do much complaining about it.

They've been filming in Albany's Center Square for a few days now, but the prep work started weeks ago when carriages rolled in to be stored at the park, as well as HBO staffers who were out painting buildings where scenes are to be shot.

On Tuesday evening, boxes of flowers adorned State Street in Albany near The First Presbyterian Church (on the corner of State and Willet) which would act as the hub for Wednesday's taping.


As I stated earlier, my family and I live on the same block as some of the scenes which HBO is taping, and my girlfriend Samantha was out on Wednesday morning to shoot some video and images of the day's events.

Here's what she captured so far during the taping of "The Gilded Age Season Two" in Albany's Washington Park

Pictures from Gilded Age Season 2 - Filming on State Street in Albany




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