God, the Yankees suck and Vic goes off.

We have been talking about how this season is over for a few weeks now. Then they win 2 out of 3 and throws us off.

We all agree Alex is done, yes he hit a monstrous home run last night but he's batting in the low 200's and he guessing when at bat. All the time now. It's time now to look to making moves and looking to next year. I have rarely seen so many empty seats at a Yankee game.Truly sad. If you have never seen Vic's stand up he's hilarious and were working to bring him to the area for a show this summer. We will keep posting vic's videos about the Yankees all summer so keep checking the website or follow me on Facebook or twitter wolf@1045theteam

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We will be doing a Yankee bus trip in August keep listening for details.