Though Washington and Oregon were the two states being represented in the 2023 Pac-12 Football Championship game, the State of New York ended up being the true winner. That was because one college student, who attends an Empire State institution, scored a major payday after showing off their athletic ability in front of millions of football fans.

New York, meet our big winner, Mohamed Adam.

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Stony Brook University Freshman Wins $100K in 'Tuition Toss' Competition

It's playoff time in college football, and with the return of the playoffs, comes the return of the ever-popular Dr. Pepper Tuition Toss game. Over the past three decades, Dr. Pepper has awarded more than $17.5 million in tuition to college students across the United States, according to a press release shared by Stony Brook University.

It was a freshman from that institution, Mohamed Adam, who had the chance to win the cash during halftime of the 2023 Pac-12 Championship. Here's how he performed:

It was a dominant showing from Adam, who nearly doubled his opponent's total. He threw a total of 13 footballs through the target, while only having 30 seconds to complete the task. That means that Mohamed Adam threw a football through the target every 2.31 seconds, a remarkable feat to accomplish in front of thousands of fans in the stands, and millions watching at home.

In an unrelated note, it is unclear whether the New York Jets will pursue Mohamed Adam as an option to play quarterback for the team. Sources (me) indicate that Adam may be too good for the Jets right now.

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