New York State Police will be out in force over the 3-day holiday weekend, and doing one simple thing can keep you safe and help you avoid a ticket.

It is something you usually do every time you and your passengers get in your vehicle without fail. But even the most tried and true habit you can forget sometimes, and this weekend forgetting this simple yet important thing could cost youa  traffic fine.

As you get ready to hit the road for that Memorial Day getaway or road-trip this weekend, it is an important reminder to do one very important thing that you usually do without even thinking too much about it: buckle-up! It is the simplest of measures to keep you safe, and in the coming days, it could also save you the headache of a ticket.

So why should you listen if you hear that seat belt buzzer going off the days ahead? Take heed and buckle up because New York state law enforcement's annual Click it or Ticket campaign is underway through Sunday, June 5th!

According to the Times Union, local and state police will be upping their efforts to "Crack down on unrestrained passengers" with check points and more to make sure New Yorkers are buckled up. New York state law requires all passengers sitting in the front or back seat of a vehicle to be buckled up, and children 8 and under must be in the appropriate booster of child seat. The Times Union says just last year NY police wrote over 12,500 tickets for seatbelt and child seat violations.

So play it safe in the days ahead and save your self the aggravation of a ticket by buckling up!

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