New York Yankees fans have had to sit back and suffer through a lack of post season success...well a lack of post season appearance. So last year when General Manager Brian Cashman started to make deals that focused on the future we were told "success is on the way." The only downside was we would have to wait until 2018 or 2019 for these investments to pay dividends. So Yankees fans have watched the 2017 New York Yankees be successful with a kind of cloud over our heads. Basically waiting for the other show to fall and the Yankees to be as bad as they've been the last few years. Here's the thing the season is moving right along and the Yankees continue to play really good baseball.

We had a chance to ask the New York Post's Mike Vaccaro if he believed in the Yankees and if he thought they could maintain this level of success and possibly be a postseason contender. His answer shocked me.

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