After three unsuccessful seasons as the New York Knicks president, Phil Jackson and the organization agreed to part ways earlier this week. Jackson's teams had only won eighty games the past three seasons combined, and Jackson continued to have a strained relationship with the franchise' best players. The New York Post's Mike Vaccaro joined Levack and Goz earlier this week and gave his reason as to why he believes Phil Jackson was fired.

"Well I mean we’re just going by logic. It sounds like it was either the notion that we were dangling with Porzingis or that he already drafted the kid from France and the disapproval of the owner. This was certainly enough to make a move because it was not long ago that James Dolan was firmly behind Phil Jackson despite however much testimony there might’ve been to the contrary so probably one of those few things. Although I think that you have to figure that if I’m James Dolan, you couldn’t have liked the way he attacked Carmelo Anthony all season long and then turned the attention to your other good player, Kristaps Porzingis and you have to ask yourself, ‘what’s you’re A-game here?’ It was a little hard for me to figure out  what Dolan’s motivation was for doing either of the things certainly to Porzingis because by attacking Porzingis, you’re really attacking your own legacy. The one thing that Phil did well here is draft Porzingis. So you add that to the equation, that kind of makes tiny Phil tinnier emptying your motive more than it already is"

To hear the interview, click on the link below. What do you believe was the final straw for Phil Jackson? Let us know below.

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