Turns out New York State residents are pretty unique when it comes to our preferred method of eating chicken wings.

New York State and the Hudson Valley are full of many amazing places to feast on chicken wings. See below for the highest-rated chicken wings in the Hudson Valley.

How Does New York State Residents Eat Chicken Wings


When it comes to chicken wings there are a number of things up for debate. For example, drums or flats? Hot, BBQ or another flavor? Ranch or blue cheese for dipping?

Well, the people at Cree Lighting recently reached out to Hudson Valley Post to tell us about their research regarding chicken wings in New York State and across the United States of America.

"Drums or flats? A debate as old as time when it comes to the infamous chicken wing. While we all have our own preferences, it's interesting to see how they vary across state lines," a Cree Lighting spokesperson told us in an email. "That’s what the team at Cree Lighting had in mind when they conducted a nationwide survey asking Americans about their chicken wing preferences, how they eat them, and more."

Cree Lighting
Cree Lighting

Key findings included:

  • 43% prefer drumsticks
  • 32% prefer flats
  • Ranch is more liked than blue cheese when it comes to dipping
  • 43% prefer Ranch
  • 30% prefer Blue Cheese
  • 63% of Americans prefer their wings to be bone-in
  • 33% of Americans lick their fingers clean when eating chicken wings
  • Over 50% Americans consider boneless wings to just be chicken nuggets
  • 5.5 out of 10 is the most preferred heat level of a chicken wing

How New York Takes Its Chicken Wings

Chicken hot wings and dipping sauce
Joe Belanger

Cree Lighting polled over 3,000 Americans across the country and based on the survey results found 11 distinct wing orders. New York State residents may be shocked to learn the way most prefer chicken wings is not the norm.

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New York State residents choose a drumstick with buffalo sauce and a side of blue cheese.

To be honest, this did not surprise me. This seems like the most common way to enjoy chicken wings in the Empire State. I'll be honest, I'd choose ranch over blue cheese, but my brother who went to college in Western New York tells me that's a sin.

What did surprise me is just one other state also likes drumsticks with buffalo sauce and a side of blue cheese.

Residents of South Carolina were the only state to join New York.

Most Common Way To Eat Chicken Wings

Cree Lighting
Cree Lighting

The most popular combo was a boneless wing with buffalo sauce and a cup of ranch on the side, according to Cree Lighting.

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"We applaud wing #10 (a boneless wing with buffalo sauce and a cup of ranch on the side) for its seamless combination of classic flavors and efficiency. No bones and no mess means you can enjoy these wings confidently on a date without worrying about getting chicken stuck in your teeth or wing sauce on your partner’s outfit," Cree Lighting states.

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