New York State Police are asking for your help to find a missing man that is NOT missing! Just ask him.

The New York State Police Facebook Page is filled with a variety of posts. There are reminders for highway safety protocol, career opportunities, honoring Troopers we have lost and occasionally there is a post asking for the publics help.

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On Thursday January 20th, the New York State Police created a post asking for assistance in locating a missing man last seen in the city of Plattsburgh on January 9, 2022. Should you have any information you are asked to call State Police at 518-563-3761. Problem is, the man isn't missing.

The reportedly missing individual saw his picture on Facebook and quickly responded with "I'm not missing". York State Police York State Police

It is unclear as to why the New York State Police would be looking for a missing man that has declared himself "not missing". In light of the fact that this man is apparently safe and not in need of a search party, the Facebook comments that followed this post are pretty entertaining.

Here are some of those highlights. To protect the innocent I blurred out everyones identity. To help you follow along, any mention of the "missing" individual is in RED. Everyone else is in BLACK.

This Missing New York Man Is Not Missing

Follow this New York State Police Facebook thread. Troopers are looking for a missing man and the man comments "I'm not missing"!

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