Our own Nick Delpopolo is making his return at the 2016 Olympics in Rio this year, with every intention of making a comeback and making up for past mistakes.

Nick Delpopolo is the #1 Judoka in the United States and #12 in world. If you haven't heard of him, you probably should, since he comes out of Scotia, NY.

I had the opportunity to meet Nick back in 2012 right before the Olympics took place in London. At the time I was working at a local youth center that he had decided to stop by to put on a demonstration for the kids. He was great, incredibly cool guy. I ended up watching every match he competed in up until he unfortunately tested positive for cannabis and was expelled from the Olympics.

This was definitely a hard time for him, and I was pretty upset when it happened. Not because I felt he failed or let anyone down, it just had to have sucked.

Then a while ago I find out he's going to be making his return back to the Olympics in Rio, and I was so happy for him. He's already tested negative for cannabis and is in the process of trying to bring the bronze medal home for the United States. So if you haven't heard of Nick, you have now. Make sure you catch his match for the bronze medal that will be happening very soon, cause he deserves your support!