If you listen to either Big Board Sports in the morning or Levack & Goz, you probably already know about the stakes on the line with this NBA Finals. Through zero allegiance to the Cavaliers or LeBron James, I picked Cleveland to win and so did Levack. That set up a showdown: the two of us (Team Cavs) vs Rodger & Goz (Team Warriors). Think 'Twilight' only much manlier of course.

Despite being down 2 games to none, let's think positively. If the Cavs can pull of a comeback for a second straight year, Levack will play a prominent role in one of Rodger's sportscasts on NewsChannel 13 and I will get my owner personal assistant (Goz) while covering a game locally, in all likelihood to shield me from all this rain we've been dealing with.

The flipside: the Warriors win and Levack has to stand at the busy corner of Wolf Road and Central Avenue wearing a sandwich board to promote Rodger's Big Board Sports. As for me, I will owe Goz lunch. A simple request, but not one I'm ready to concede yet. The fate of this series and these bets hinges on Wednesday night's Game 3. Of course it does. The Cavs have been overmatched in the first 2 games and there are very few signs of this thing turning around in Cleveland. But that's exactly how it looked a year ago before LeBron & Co. won Game 3 by 30 points and came back from 3-1 down. LBJ is the best player in the world. He won't be humiliated on this stage. I don't think.

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