What's the deal with your license plate? They look great when they are brand new, all shiny and clean. After a short time some of the New York plates start to fall apart as the colorful coating begins to peel off.

Now the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles is offering you the opportunity to get a new plate but is it free? For some it is. For you it might not be.

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Did you know that all New York State license plates are manufactured at Auburn Correctional Facility in Cayuga, NY? Don't blame the inmates for this one, they simply use materials given to them to create the plates.

3M supplied the reflective laminate material for the State plates and it is that material that is believed to be ineffective for it's intended use in this case. In 2019 New York State ended it's contract with 3M.


You can replace your peeling plate FREE, but that's not for everyone. I'll let you know who has to pay in a minute but first here's how to get a free plate, if you want the next available standard plate number.

  • Email DMV at dmv.sm.peelingplates@dmv.ny.gov.
  • Include your plate number in the subject line, name, address, telephone number and peeling plate number
  • Include a photograph of the peeling plates (required)

If you want to replace your license plate but retain your current plate number it is NOT FREE. If you want to keep your plate number you must pay a $20 fee. If your plate is damaged from anything other than peeling, you can have it replaced but that could cost you as much as $48.75. Click HERE for full details.

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