To say that I've been critical of NBC's coverage of the 2012 London Olympics would be one of the greatest understatements of all time. I have not been alone, however, in my criticisms, including my belief that the Opening Ceremony should have been streamed live for American viewers. NBC has taken notice of those gripes and will be streaming it live, as well as airing it on a tape delay in prime time.

The stream can be caught at or by downloading the Live Extra app to your smart phone or mobile device.

This is a nice move on the part of NBC, who has been nothing short of clumsy with their handling of the 2012 Games. The ratings in prime time will still be huge, if not unaffected. However, you will still need to be subscribed to a TV company that offers their networks to sign in to watch them. You will also need to hope that the quality of the stream is better than we have seen for many events including the 100m dash, which was nothing but a bunch of blurry blobs moving across the screen on NBC's Live Extra app.

Regardless, for NBC to change their plans and allow viewers to watch the ceremony live is laudable. It may have taken them the duration of the Olympics, but they finally got something right.